Boiler Installations

Do you need a new boiler?

Is your boiler older than 15 years?

Is your boiler making strange noises?

Is your home taking ages to heat?

Is there a water leak from your boiler?

Are you constantly needing boiler repairs?

Experiencing changes in water temperature?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, it may be time to consider getting a new boiler.

After all an old and tiring boiler, will just end up wasting your money, time and energy.

Here at JD Heating and Plumbing services, we install high quality boilers to the highest standard.

There are many types of boilers: regular- also known as traditional or conventional- system, or combi boilers. Your house will probably determine the type of boiler you need installed.

Smaller houses or flats, for example are best suited to combi boilers, whereas larger houses with multiple bathrooms will be better fitted with a system, or traditional boiler.

Traditional boilers need a loft to store the feed and expansion tanks, whereas combi or system boilers require little space.

We install all types of boilers and will happily discuss all the possible options available to you.

Even if your old boiler is not in dire need of replacing, you may choose to have a new one installed anyway.

Having a new boiler does have its benefits, especially if your current one does not have Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs), or a room thermostat on your system. These give you a lot better control over your rooms’ temperature, and in the long-run will help you save money.

Quieter Boiler

New boilers can be considerably quieter than older boilers because of their improved design and enhanced use of materials.

This can be especially appreciated, when a boiler is located the other side of a bedroom wall.

Increased Efficiency

According to the energy saving trust, a central heating boiler is responsible for approximately 60% of your household energy bills. So, replacing an old boiler for a new efficient one, should make a considerable difference to your bills.

Many of the new condensing boilers we install are A rated. This means their efficiency is at least 90%- if not more.

Smaller Size

Newer boilers, also tend to be smaller than older boilers.

This means there are now more options to have them sitting on walls- instead of on floors. It can even be possible to hide them behind a cupboard.

As a result, more space can be made available for other household uses.

We install all types of boilers and will happily discuss all the possible options available to you.