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Unblocking drains • Maintenance • Installing drains • Plumbing repairs

Sometimes faults can occur within your plumbing system.

Often, there are a range of reasons for why something has gone wrong. Perhaps your boiler has broken down, you have a pipe or tank leaking, or you are experiencing toilet flush issues.

Whatever the reason, here at JD Heating & Plumbing Services, we are equipped to deal with a wide range of faults and issues. We will endeavour to find the issue, fix the problem, and prevent future occurrence. We aim to provide effective and efficient plumbing services, at minimal disruption to your daily procedures.

Blocked drains and burst water pipes can cause a great inconvenience. But, rather than suffering the bad smells, and trying to deal with the flooding yourself, please contact us. We will get to you quickly, to help regain control.

We will efficiently repair your drainage system and water pipes, so you can continue with your day.

Potential damage

We strongly urge you to make contact as soon as you notice a plumbing issue. The amount of damage a leaking pipe can do, is often grossly underestimated.

A pipe leak will not only cause a loss of water, but also a loss of money. You will be losing money with every extra water droplet, as well as any damages made to your home.

Sometimes there can be little leaks in a pipe, which go undetected for years. These may seem insignificant, because the hole in the pipe is so tiny. However, do not be fooled.

Something, a ‘trivial’ tiny hole could result in a great financial and emotional burden. Eventually, the leaky pipe will create conditions which are ideal for mould. Sorting out mould issues, is significantly more costly, than simply replacing or patching a leaky pipe.

Additionally, any leaks near appliances can end up reducing their effectiveness. If you are not careful, you could end up facing both a plumbing and electrical emergency. Fortunately, we provide a 24 hour service. So if you ever do experience a problem, which needs immediate assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Getting in contact with a professional at the earliest convenience, is the best way to alleviate any damages or losses. Water can damage many appliances and ruin several objects. This can be even more upsetting, if they hold sentimental value.

Photographs that have been destroyed with water, for example, can be very difficult, if not impossible to restore. So do not take any risks. If you notice a leak, no matter how small, seek professional help.

Locating leaks

Some leaks will make an obvious appearance.

However, others can be very difficult to locate, and will remain undetected, unless you have a proper inspection. It is a good idea to have a professional plumber, examine your pipes every year, to make sure there are no risks of potential or current leaks.

This will help prevent future leak outbreaks. It is also advisable to have your pipes regularly cleaned, to stop scale deposits building in the lining of the pipes, and causing plumbing issues. We will happily assist you in any of these services, or in any of your other plumbing needs. Just get in touch.

We are equipped to deal with a wide range of faults and issues. Contact us and get a reliable plumber to help!