For a happy, healthy heating system

Would you like to save up to 20% on your gas bills?

We use the latest equipment for power flushing your heating system to ensure the best results possible. Powerflushing/cleansing your system removes all iron oxide, rust and other problematic materials from your heating system!

A build up of iron oxide (sludge) in your system will not only affect your boiler, but will also effect your pocket because your boiler needs to work harder therefore costing more in energy bills. A deep clean of your entire heating system will not only prolong the life of your boiler, but also save you money,and keep you warmer in winter. Plus you will find that radiators will heat up more quickly, saving valuable heating up time!

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Do you need a powerflush?

Radiators cold at the bottom?

Frequent air in radiators?

Radiators taking a long time to heat up?

Boiler making noises?

Radiators need bleeding often?

Some radiators not working at all?

Why get a powerflush?

The benefits of having a powerflush for your central heating system

Lower energy bills

By removing debris and sludge from your heating system, your boiler will have less work to do, saving you money on bills.

Warmer home

Tired of having to wait ages for your central heating system to fully heat up your home? A powerflush should take care of that.

Healthier boiler

Having a powerflush clear the debris from your central heating system will reduce the amount of work your boiler has to do.

Get a powerflush

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